We are a foster-based program for homeless dogs. In addition to taking in the strays in our community, we also pull dogs out of shelters.

When dogs are scheduled to be euthanized or gassed in shelters, we pull as many as we can out and place them in temporary homes (“foster homes”). Then we get them completely vetted (vaccines, heartworm test, heartworm prevention, Frontline, spay/neuter, rabies shots, dewormer and microchip). Once all vet care is taken care of we find them forever homes through adoption. We need committed volunteers to make this work.

Five states where the most animals are killed each year
Here are the approximate numbers of animals killed in a recent year:
Texas: 125,000   
California: 110,000
Florida: 66,000
North Carolina: 62,000
Georgia: 43,000
For the five states listed above, the data is a starting point for helping shelters create programs to save many lives right away. For example, in California, 75% of the animals killed in shelters are cats. In fact, cats are faring worse than dogs in all top five states except for Texas, where the animals at risk are nearly 50% dogs and 50% cats. It’s clear that most places need programs and support to save more cats. The good news is that community cat (aka stray and feral cats) programs are incredibly effective. Shelters just need resources and expertise to get the programs up and running.

It’s not as simple as looking only at numbers of cats and dogs killed, though. Each community has unique strengths and challenges, and that’s where relationships and partnerships come in. It’s an opportunity for other shelters that are doing well and have reached no-kill, even if they’re located in a different state, to step up and help.