We Love What We Do



Highway hounds was founded by Susan "Tutti" Trammell in September 2019. Susa became involved in rescue in the early 90 's when working at the humane society of North Texas. She fostered many dogs and cats while working there and also area veterinary hospitals as a vet tech. She then expanded her education and became a certified animal massage therapist and then on to be certified in animal behaviour.
Shen then decided to save more animals in need by starting a new rescue and transport. A rescue that would give dogs and cats a chance at a life they have always deserved. Her work in the rescue is driven by pure love and passion. 
Sandie Duke joined Highway Hounds in October 2019 and became a full partner in March 2020. Sandie has always had a love for animals since she was a small child. "There was never a stray in her neighborhood." That compansion is still with her today. Being able to give an under privleged animal a second chance in life after it has been neglected, abandoned, abused or just not wanted is heartwarming and rewarding. Love and compassion is what every animal deserves. Remember: Rescue, Foster, Adopt. Saving animals 4 paws at a time.